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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting service ensures high performance, security, durability, and complete control over the server - including all the resources. This kind of hosting is an absolute solution for the websites that receive a heavy traffic, or have a high CPU usage. Analyzing the requirement business or enterprises, Aride Ocean has come up with its robust dedicated hosting services for both Windows and Linux based environments


Cloud hosting

Cloud computing offers easy and universal access of data, applications and procedures. Generally, all cloud services are available any time anywhere there is internet. Moreover, users and businesses need not have to bother about the settings and customizations. You can access your data and applications from any computer or device in the way you configure.


vps Hosting

In VPS hosting you obtain your own IP address and mail server, which prevents spamming activities. It is definitely an absolute option for the websites that can witness a sudden spike in traffic as it allows increasing or decreasing RAM for better management and performance. Such scalability options can only be availed with VPS server.


SSD Server

Speed - this is the single most important benefit of using solid state drives or SSD. Compared to conventional storage, using SSD for virtual private servers delivers much faster disk I/O performance. Your website’s performance will increase dramatically. SSD VPS is especially crucial for websites with considerable dynamic content or databases.

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